I primarily work on furry fiction and short stories, often with not safe for work content. A selection of what I consider to be my most representative and highest quality work can be found below. Please note that all these stories are highly NSFW.


"Follow your nose"

Neil is a deer with some very strong musk and an equally strong appetite. When he meets a new friend at the library, and gets the cow underneath him, it'll be easy for him to find lunch later...

contains facesitting, musk, oral vore, and digestion


When Darryl is brought by his friend Maria to a bird-focused convention, he didn't expect such risque content to be out in the open! Nor did he expect his friend to goad him into becoming a predator...

contains cock vore, cum digestion, bone disposal, and implied reformation

“Tea Gets Milked”

Tea has been using up a bit too much of their friend Colby's milk lately. The cow has an interesting solution to that!

contains udder vore, milk digestion, and bottling