Story Commissions

The most basic commission type. Charged per word, as short or as long as you would like, as complex or as simple as you would like.

Artistic Freedom Commissions

If you want to commission me but don’t have any ideas of your own, these are for you. Basically, you give me a few words to describe what you want, some characters, and a word count, and I will whip something up! 

These commissions also get a 15% discount, so it's a great way to get some writing a little bit cheaper as well.

Quickie Commissions

A quickie is a short story of around 500 to 1500 words. I offer these mostly as descriptions to help spice up an art piece, but they can also be used as inspiration for your own work or just as a quick short story for a specific idea! Since they are so short, I usually have a pretty quick turnaround.


My rate is currently $3 + $0.022 USD per word (reference: 2000 words is $47).
No complexity/extra character fee (easy to split w/ friends!).
I accept Paypal, Cash App, and Venmo.

Commission Process/Rules

The first step is to fill out a form at the link(s) above. If I accept your idea, I'll note you to discuss. We will arrive at a final idea and word count, and then you'll pay me before I start writing. If I go over the word count we set, you are not required to pay the difference, although you may choose to tip if you wish.

If another party is to be featured in the commission, I require proof of their willingness to be involved in the story.

You're free to repost the story everywhere you like, as long as you give me proper attribution. 
I do not do private commissions because I post all of my writing, but I can make you anonymous if you wish.

You can also request a deadline (please be reasonable). I work slowly because of mental health and physical hand issues, please understand this when you commission me.

Refunds, if necessary, are decided on a case-by-case basis.


What I love to write:
soft vore (oral, anal, cock, unbirth, sheath, navel, udder)
clothes/breast/cock transformation
vanilla sex
cuddling/affection/making out
sex toys
belly play
sheath play
udder play
bulge play
(natural) musk
character/story driven works

What I like to write:
tail/breast vore
weight gain

What I will NEVER write:
anything painful really
graphic digestion
hard vore
underage characters

If something you want is not on this list, please ask about it!
I reserve the right to deny any commission, including based on subject matter.

My favorite species to write about include cervines, bovines, dragons, reptiles, amphibians, mustelids, elephants, and equines. Other species are mostly fine, except for humans/demis as preds.
Please, no copyrighted characters (very few exceptions), except for Pokemon. I very much enjoy writing Pokemon!

I do not do commissions featuring my own characters, except for friends. I’m not comfortable putting them in situations with people I don’t know.

I am willing to do both safe-for-work, mature, and adult works. I mostly write fetish content but am happy to write stories without fetishes or adult content!

Length Examples

Story Commissions
1 Character, 1500 words: [TF]
2 Characters, 1500 words: [Inflation]
2 Characters, 3500 words: [Vore]
3 Characters, 5000 words: [Vore]
4 Characters, 5500 words: [Vore, Sex]

Vignette Commissions
1 Character, 500 words: [Post-Vore Disposal]
1 Character, 750 words: [Vore]
2 Characters, 750 words: [Hypno]
2 Characters, 1000 words: [Vore]
3 Characters, 1500 words: [Vore]

In general, one scene of someone getting eaten or something like that tends to run around 1500 words. Additional scenes can take 1000+ words depending on how complex they are. Depending on the storyline, that can be an additional 500+ words to set up and finish off a fetish scene.


As mentioned above, the best way to contact me is through notes. Please do not note me asking for a commission though; fill out a form at the link above first!